Your 2018-2019 Horoscopes



At the start of a new school year, it is only appropriate that we start our journey by looking into what the Universe suggests for us. Feel free to check out your moon and rising signs in addition to your sun sign (If you don’t know what those are,do some research online).


Leo: Your fire sign personality makes you an honest friend that people can rely on. So expect for some of your close friends to be asking you out to coffee to talk about whatever is bothering them this week. You’re going to be doing so well!

Virgo: Your hard work and clear scheduling will pay off big time this year! A major disaster, like missing that big exam or forgetting that huge paper, will be avoided because of your attention to details and dates. Share that with your friends in classes too, they might need reminders!

Libra: Your school, social life, and sleep balance will have to be a priority for you this year! Your sign is prone to wanting balance and it’s achievable for you, you just have to focus on what you want most and just go after it!

Scorpio: You’re going to be the life of the party per usual Scorpio! While you are great at making sure every party is fun– focus some of your time on yourself and your studies too. Don’t spend too much of your study time at Wells Wednesdays!

Sagittarius: Get ready for more adventure in your life Sagittarius! Make sure to push your friends to hang out with you. Maybe go on that long bike ride in the nature park or to that party at the house you don’t usually go to– they’ll appreciate your energy!

Capricorn: Try that new sandwich at Marvin’s that you’ve been thinking about! The risks you take this year are going to pay off big time– so push yourself outside your comfort zone and what’s normal for you!

Aquarius: Your opinionated nature will be put to great use this year. Be ready to use your opinions to help steer your research in a new direction! Keep expressing yourself- it’s important to hear from you! And maybe submit your opinions to The DePauw.

Pisces: Your artistic streak will really come to fruition this year. Whether your preferred work of art is papers, paintings or pop quizzes– you’re going to excel this year, Pisces! So don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in something you love– the results will pay off!

Aries: That leadership role you’ve been hoping for will finally be within your reach this year. Make sure you apply yourself fully and you’re going to be able to do great things! Make sure not to lose your focus or get too distracted!

Taurus: Your grounded personality will help you get through all of your studies this year! So expect all of your hard work to pay off! Take some more time for yourself- we promise it’s not selfish! Practice self care in all of it’s forms, Taurus.

Gemini: You might feel as though you have two warring ideals within yourself, but you actually don’t. You just have to listen to yourself more and trust your instincts. It will be hard at first, but you have a natural ability to overcome challenges, especially when the challenge is yourself.

Cancer: Don’t let your emotions get the best of you Cancer! We know that your sign feels deeply, but your life cannot revolve around that person you keep catching feelings for at your favorite party spot. Don’t spend all your emotional energy on one or two people!

Emma is a Sagittarius who loves astrology and looking at stars. And she knows there’s so many people who know a bunch of sport statistics or other kind of random information- so let her have this. There are more pointless hobbies so leave her and everyone into astrology alone.