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Expert comments on vote of no confidence

Sean McKinniss, whose Ph.D. dissertation included case studies of votes of no confidence concerning collegiate presidents, shared his expertise on DePauw University’s next steps...

Alumni, faculty, students respond to faculty vote of no confidence

Alaina Stellwagen, Katie Hunger, Maria Mendez, Maddy McTigue, Reid Cooper, and Peter Nicieja contributed to this story.  Following the results of the faculty vote of...

Faculty vote “no confidence” in President McCoy

The faculty have voted that they have no confidence in President Mark McCoy. The vote was 83 members who voted “yes” in regards to...

Update on DePauw Faculty Vote of No Confidence

Faculty met this Tuesday in a closed executive session to further discuss its vote of no confidence in President Mark McCoy. Voting will take...
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Professor Joshua Greene Speaks on Human Morality

  In a hypothetical dilemma, two options are presented: one, you, as the bystander, let a trolley kill five individuals, or two, you push—consequently killing—one...

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