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More than just a number

The reliance on standardized test results has been a long-running debate in the realm of higher education. In the past few years, some colleges...

Women’s basketball NCAA tournament preview

DePauw women's basketball NCAA tournament

College football is better than the NFL

Football season is just around the corner, and when you’re making your weekend plans, here’s why you should make sure your Saturdays are free...

Class of 2021 opening convocation: photo gallery

Members of DePauw University class of 2021 and their families arrived in Greencastle on Aug 18 as part of first-year orientation, campus-wide procession, and...

OPINION: Ethics of meritocracy in education and the ‘American Dream’:

Vanessa Freije is a sophomore Prindle intern from Indianapolis. -This article is also featured in The Prindle Post. PHOTO COURTESY OF DEPAUW.EDU ...

OPINION: The idealization of college life

Madison McIntyre is a sophomore communications and political science double major from Akron, Ohio. SAM CARAVANA / THE DEPAUW ...

OPINION: Simple ways to beat boredom

Taulbee Jackson is a first-year intended communications major from Cloverdale, Indiana. CHRISTA SCHROEDEL / THE DEPAUW So far, I know that college...
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Professor Joshua Greene Speaks on Human Morality

  In a hypothetical dilemma, two options are presented: one, you, as the bystander, let a trolley kill five individuals, or two, you push—consequently killing—one...

Write a law, save a life