Monon by the stars- all you need to expect for this weekend!


With this sure to be hectic, exciting weekend coming up, I wanted to use some of my otherworldly knowledge to enlighten everyone, or at least give them something to think about as they run through Crawfordsville.

Scorpio: It’s your season right now, so bring some of your lucky mojo to the game this weekend. Spend your time living it up, and have fun with your friends. Spread your good vibes around the tailgate as much as possible.

Sagittarius: You’ll have tons of fun at the tailgate, as long as you don’t sleep in and miss the bus. Be aware that you actually have to drive a half-hour to get to Crawfordsville, so don’t let your habits of being late get in the way of your great tailgate.

Capricorn: You’re most likely going to be the one helping everyone out throughout the day. Keep your water bottle on you, it will come in handy. But you’re going to get a break and be able to fully enjoy the game.

Aquarius: You can expect to be having the best commentary during the game, so I think you should hold your phone close. Be ready to send out some tweets, because you’re basically guaranteed to get retweets and likes galore.

Pisces: I know you’ve been planning your stellar outfit all week for this game, but just don’t forget how cold it’s going to be Saturday. Make sure that you pack a beanie and don’t skimp out on the coffee you bring to the tailgate–it’ll keep you warm for a while.

Aries: You might get a little bit extra homework this weekend, and I know you’re upset about this, but I promise it will work out. You’ll be able to balance your work and your play this weekend even though you might have doubts. You’re going to do well, so enjoy yourself.

Taurus: You can expect a nice relaxing weekend at the tailgate. You’re going to spend your Saturday just enjoying the game, eating popcorn, and hanging out with friends. Even with all the expected cold (that might get on your nerves a bit), you’ll have a stellar day.

Gemini: You should make time in your schedule this weekend to catch up with the alums who come back to campus. We know you’re crazy busy, but take your Saturday night and spend time with your graduated friends. They’ll be so excited to hear from you.

Cancer: Make sure you don’t let the emotions get to you too much post game. Whether we win or lose, your reaction is going to be more emotional than you are expecting. So be ready to cheer, chant, and jump up and down almost all day and night Saturday.

Leo: You’re going to tap into your firy side during the game. We know you’ll be yelling at every call and celebrating every touchdown, so just remember to spread your enthusiasm around the section you’re in. Lead those cheers my leo friend.

Virgo: Make sure you let loose this weekend dear Earth sign! I know you’ve been crazy busy (you and all the signs) but this weekend push some of your work to the side and have a ton of fun at the tailgate.

Libra: I know you’re going to be dancing a ton during the tailgate, and living your best life. Take a ton of photos and make sure to post them all on instagram while the game is going on. I’m sure you’ll be racking up likes all day, go you.

Emma is a Sagittarius who loves astrology and looking at stars. And she knows there’s so many people who know a bunch of sport statistics or other kind of random information- so let her have this. There are more pointless hobbies so leave her and everyone into astrology alone.