LGBTQ student forcibly removed from fraternity party


A student who identified as LGBTQ was “grabbed by the wrist and dragged out” of a party at a fraternity late this past Saturday night, according to an email sent by Angela Nally, director of Public Safety.

Nally sent out an email Tuesday night notifying the campus of the incident and the ways they can contact them if they have any information on the situation.

In the email, Public Safety announced that they are opening an investigation, and are unable to give any information at this time. “I can’t really share anything,” Nally said. “The point of an information alert is to share information that is preliminary, so I really need to talk to both sides of this.”

The Bias Incident Response Team is involved in the situation as well, and supported the affected student.

Some students on campus are not surprised by the situation. “This isn’t new and I hate to say that,” said sophomore Joshua Selke. “It’s difficult because all of us are thinking this is not right and then thinking from our own experience that this has happened before, this has to stop.”

Tuesday night there was a meeting to provide support for students who needed it. According to Selke, if students are feeling troubled or wanting to talk there would be students willing to speak at both the Rainbow House and the United DePauw House.

Students are hoping for an appropriate punishment that can potentially help change fraternity culture across campus. “I think fraternities need to be held more accountable for their actions,” Selke said. “A lot of times, while yes it is an individual who does it, the fraternity tolerates it, and by doing that I think the fraternity as a whole should be help responsible.”