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Ron Paul editorial claims unwarranted and unfounded

Class of 2013

Published: Friday, September 13, 2013

Updated: Friday, September 13, 2013 02:09

As a recent graduate and former staff member of The DePauw, it’s with deep disappointment that I feel compelled to submit this letter in response to Tuesday’s editorial, “Ron Paul and DePauw: Guilty by association.”

While The DePauw’s mention of the various controversies surrounding Ron Paul certainly warrant our attention and scrutiny, the implication that Paul is not a “legitimate and appropriate” speaker based on “toxic anti-humanitarian associations” is carelessly sensationalized and incredibly reductive of Paul’s 23 years of service to our country as a United States congressman.

In a political climate where our elected officials tend to legislate at the behest of special interests and partisan groupthink, Paul remained the most ideologically consistent member of Congress for decades, defending the Constitution and the principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility and free markets. As Americans grow increasingly disenchanted with our country’s methods of mass surveillance, endless war and unsound monetary policy, these principles – which The DePauw has mistakenly labeled as “countercultural,” “neoconservative” and, perhaps mostly offensively, “extremist” – are not radical new concepts. Nor are they unpopular, fringe philosophies. To dismiss them as such is damaging to the open dialogue and broad consideration of ideas for which The DePauw should advocate.

Paul is not the first controversial politician to be invited to take part in the Ubben Lecture – this campus has seen the likes of Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tony Blair and Ralph Nader. Like Paul, they all have something to answer for, and it is indeed our obligation to challenge and dissect their past associations and ideas. But the suggestion that the DePauw community and the incredibly generous Ubben family are openly aligning themselves with “anti-humanitarians” – accusations leveled against Paul that The DePauw reports are primarily rooted in blogosphere hearsay – is unwarranted and frankly distasteful.

The DePauw has the responsibility to depict campus issues in all of their nuance and complexity. It’s my hope that the editorial board will strive to be more reputably informed before they condemn our University, its donors and its esteemed visitors as “guilty” without doing their due diligence. 

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Sun Sep 15 2013 14:47
Sorry, I was referring to the long-winded "anonymous"... going ON and ON and ON...
Sun Sep 15 2013 14:43
People like "anonymous" before me are obviously threatened by people who question status quo in America. Ron Paul has questioned many notions in America that have become "standard policy" and that have driven our politics, social issues, national defense, foreign policy, etc.

Ron Paul seems to present an active threat to those of us who like our propaganda "just the way it is". Left up to people like "anonymous", censorship would be the order of the day. Thought police would be our backup military. Thank GOD that we can think our own thoughts, dream our own dreams, believe or not believe in a higher power and in general, live our own realities... no thanks to people like the individual who preceded me on this comment section.

You'd make a great dictator.. ever considered Cuba?

Sat Sep 14 2013 00:46
How much you wanna bet " Emily Brelage" is yet another pseudonym for Ron's grandson Willy Paul ,on the family pay roll for 'internet activities"?
Fri Sep 13 2013 11:14
well, you certainly are biased.
if speakers only spoke at events where everyone in the audience was of the same mind then people do not learn.
ron paul has been accused for years of racism and anti-semitism by association for years. yet in his speeches and written articles you find nothing pertaining to those types of philosophies.
he served for over 2 decades in congress and the most consistent ideological politicians in washington.
his message of sound government, non intervention (which is not isolationism) and personal liberties are ideas that time has come.
we need more like ron paul
Fri Sep 13 2013 07:22
Dr. Ms. Brelage - Your claim that the allegations raised in the op-ed "Ron Paul and DePauw: Guilty by association" are "primarily rooted in blogosphere hearsay" can beeasily disproved by an eight-year old child with a smartphone.In Canada, uproar over the Fatima Center conference (attended Wednesday by Ron Paul) led Canadian Senator Roméo Dallaire to cancel his scheduled appearance at the event (see CBC story, "Roméo Dallaire 'embarrassed' over mix-up with fringe group".) Canadian Defence Minister Rob Nicholson, named in Fatima Center promotional material as endorsing the event, publicly distanced himself - see the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation "Defence Minister Rebuffs Anti-Semitic Conference". One of the original scheduled speakers for the event, along with Ron Paul, was professed neo-Fascist Italian politician Roberto Fiore, leader of the far-right Italian political party Forza Nuova or National Front. Describes researcher Rachel Tabachnick, Fiore's party "is opposed to immigration, abortion, homosexuality, and capitalism. It's working for the "recovery of Christian religiosity" and to repeal the Mancino and Scelba laws which ban symbols, slogans, and gestures of Italian fascism and Nazism."Fiore dropped out of the Fatima Center event during the growing controversy that you seem not to have noticed. In addition, prior to Ron Paul's appearance at the event, a number of nation Jewish groups and publications protested Paul's scheduled Wednesday, September 11, 2013 keynote address at the "gala dinner fundraiser" of the Fatima Center, a fringe Catholic radical Traditionalist organization, citing alleged "anti-Semitism" allegedly promoted by the Fatima Center. Here are the titles of some of those stories, in case you might have difficulty locating them on the Internet:"Ron Paul criticized for speaking at Canadian conference linked to anti-Semitism" - Houston Chronicle"Ron Paul Condemned Over Speaking To Antisemitic Catholics" - The Jewish Press"Ron Paul Defends Speaking Before "anti-Semites" " - MSNBCThe MSNBC story referenced an interview conducted by MSNBC's Alex Wagner with Ron Paul, concerning his plans to keynote the Fatima Center's "Fatima: Path To Peace" conference. During the interview, Wagner informed Dr. Paul that the center has published writing which suggests Jews should be stripped of certain civil rights. Leading up to the conference, Fatima Center head Father Nicholas Gruner told one news publication that he is most definitely not an anti-Semite, then went on to question the commonly-accepted Jewish death toll at the hands of Hitler's Nazis. Gruner and other top Fatima Center leaders have also promoted the claim that Freemasons and "apostate Jews" are plotting to create a totalitarian "New World Order" government that will slaughter most of the Earth's population and enslave the rest. You can verify that by referencing my moderately popular Huffington Post story "Ron Paul to Speak at Holocaust Denier's 'Gala Dinner Fundraiser' " and following the links I provided to my extensive transcripts of Fatima Center broadcasts. Ron Paul's history with Fatima Center leaders goes back, at least, to 1998, when Paul appeared, along with Nicholas Gruner and Cornelia Ferreira, in a John Birch Society produced video that alleged the United Nations was conspiring to impose a tyrannical one-world government which would outlaw protest of abortion, seize all firearms, and possibly carry out genocide. As a point of curiosity, joining Ron Paul at the Fatima Center "Path to Peace" conference were two geocentrists, who deny that the Earth orbits the Sun. For his part, Ron Paul has in the past denied the theory of Evolution, spoken out against mass vaccination, and in the 1980s and 1990s published a for-profit newsletter in his name with writings that railed against Jews and blacks. The contents of Dr. Paul's newsletter were examined in a 2011 The Atlantic story, "The Story Behind Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters".While Mr. Paul claims to be a libertarian, some of his positions suggests otherwise. For example, Paul has stated, "there clearly is no right to privacy nor sodomy found anywhere in the Constitution". In the same 2003 op-ed, Paul declared, "The real tragedy is that our founders did not intend a separation of church and state, and never envisioned a rigidly secular public life for America."IN another 2003 op-ed, Dr. Paul wrote, "The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers. On the contrary, our Founders' political views were strongly informed by their religious beliefs. Certainly the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both replete with references to God, would be aghast at the federal government's hostility to religion......Throughout our nation's history, churches have done what no government can ever do, namely teach morality and civility. Moral and civil individuals are...

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