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mcferrin 2 4.18.14

GRAMMY winning artist Bobby McFerrin performs at DePauw

Bobby McFerrin performed at DePauw University during his "Sprityouall" tour. McFerrin has won 10 GRAMMY awards and is best known for "Don't Worry, Be Happy."  Full story

Rwanda 4.18.14

DePauw commemorates 20th anniversary of Rwanda Genocide

DePauw University First-year Inez Giramata planned DePauw's first "A Walk to Remember" event commemorating the Rwanda Genocide. Giramata is an international student from Rwanda. Full story

DePauw professor and alumni co-write independent film "Reparation"

After Kyle Ham, '94, graduated from DePauw, he and theatre professor Steve Timm began working on the script for "Reparation." The script went Hollywood and was serious considered by producers including Christopher Nolan and Billy Bob Thornton. Full story

charlie castino

DePauw senior golfer Charlie Castino leading golfers in final season

Senior Charlie Castino started golfing at DePauw four years ago. Since then, he has seen coaching changes and players come and go. Now, he is a leader on the team. Full story

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  • Nicole DeCriscio

    OPINION: DePauw's end of year housing policy burdens students, parents

    Currently, DePauw University requires students to check out of University housing by 6 p.m. on the Thursday of finals week, two hours after the last final exam ends. The Thursday deadline forces students to choose between packing and studying and forces parents to miss work to help their kids move.

  • tyler davies mug

    OPINION: Cost of a resume: competing to get the job

    It's expensive to get the experiences needed to create an impressive resume. From internships to studying abroad, nothing that sets you apart is cheap. Tyler Davies suggests planning in advance and using your money to get the most valuable experience to you instead of trying to get all the experiences.

  • Daniel Chen mug

    OPINION: The Boulder, graduation and living in the moment

    There's a moment on DePauw's campus when the first snow falls and students forget their inhibitions, making a buck naked run to the Boulder. What if the inhibitions did go back on with the clothing? As graduation approaches, sophomore Daniel Chen encourages DePauw students to be brave and live in the moment. 


  • photopinion 4.18.14


    We asked a few students where else students should be able to use DPU points around town. Click the graphic to see what they said.